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Cardboard and regular boxes

Today cardboard is much used for packaging of smaller and low weight items.  For larger items and items of higher weight such as machines, regular boxes is much used.

For the receiver of the product, this packaging often represents a waste problem.  Used cardboard may be delivered for recycling, but it requires an internal system for collection and storing of the cardboard, only representing a cost.  Regular boxes represent the same problem.  If the box is made of wood, it could be delivered for recycling or burned for internal heating in the plant.

Collapsible pallet bins

By using reusable packaging for products, the packaging does not represent a cost for the receiver, but a resource.  One of the best solutions for reusable industrial packaging on the market today is The Pallet Factory’s collapsible pallet bins.  Each height of the pallet bin consists of an independent part.  The pallet bins may therefore be built in desired height, independent of the height, which the pallet bin was last built to.  Each height also consists of four sides, which may easily be replaced.  Useful if damaged or if another size of the bin is wanted.  This means that the pallet bin is a flexible packaging and may be used for packaging of most products.

Lids, corner brackets and other accessories to the pallet bins, gives a lot of opportunities to divide the bin into smaller rooms, use of cardboard may therefore be needless.  In fact, the protection of the product may be higher, using pallet bins instead of cardboard.

Since the collapsible pallet bin is a reusable packaging, it also has a high second hand value.  For the receiver of the products, this means that if the pallet bins cannot be used for their own products, the pallet bins can be sold to other users.  Representing an income, and not a cost, as for other packaging.


The Pallet Factory does of course follow this policy itself.  Corner brackets and pallet bin hinges are delivered in standard size pallet bins.  Pallet bins are as far as possible, depending on pallet bin sizes, delivered on standard pallet sizes.  Also our other products are as far as possible delivered with standard reusable packaging.




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